Ethiopian Sidamo


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The Countryvillage hut in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is located in northeast Africa, and borders Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya and Sudan. The western half is a mountainous region traversed by the Great Rift Valley. To the east it is mostly arid plateau. The highlands are warm with summer rainfall, though droughts occur; the east is hot and dry. Most people live in the centre north. Subsistence farming is the main activity, though droughts have led to famine. Coffee is the main export and there is some light industry.

The Coffee

A coffee ethically sourced from  Sidama region of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, ‘Yirg’ is a favorite of most connoisseurs. Cherries are hand picked and washed by soaking 72 hours in fermentation tanks which give the final product a full body, floral essence, and a well balanced gentle acidity. Truly an elegant and floral cup, notes of lemon, red berry, orange and jasmine with a soft tea-like finish. Smooth, mild and great tasting coffee that can be enjoyed all though the day.

Medium Roast

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