Indian Monsooned Malabar


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The Country

India is the world’s fifth-largest coffee exporter and accounts for 4% of the total world production.  The Malabar coast is located along southwestern India and includes the states of Kerala and Karnataka.  Karnataka means ‘elevated land’ and its capital city is Mysore.  Indian Mysore Coffee like all Indian coffees are shade-grown with the upper-canopy of the original jungle trees being 100 feet tall or more. The lower-canopy is maintained and pruned by estate staff and is used to control the amount of sunshine and rain reaching the coffee bushes below. The overhead canopy is a sanctuary for birds and also improves the quality of the soil because of the falling leaves which add natural organic matter.

The Coffee

Mysore coffees are the best known and the most popular of all Indian coffees, when Mysore Coffee is aged and exposed to the monsoon winds it is classed as Indian Monsooned Malabar.  They posses good body and snappy acidity. The overall taste profile is very unique, with spicy overtones. These spicy overtones come from the cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and pepper that grow alongside the coffee trees.


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