Kenya Peaberry (PB)


Kenya Peaberry

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The Country

Origially cultivated coffee as a British colony until the 1960s when Kenyans started to assert their independence.  Today, Kenya’s coffee industry is defined by innovation and opportunity. Organizations like the Kenya Coffee Producer’s Association, a membership group of coffee farmers in Kenya, contribute to protecting and growing the socioeconomic welfare of coffee producers throughout the country. Kenyan Arabica is grown on rich volcanic soils found in the highlands between 1,400 to 2,000 meters above sea level it’s altitude makes for a bright coffee.

The Coffee

The coffee is complex with interesting fruit flavours of berry and citrus it has a bright and lively acidity, with rich, juicy blackcurrant flavours.  Kenya Peaberry (PB) Coffee beans are a natural mutation of the reproductive cycle of the coffee bush when only one bean is produced by the coffee cherry rather than two.  Because the rounder shape minimizes sharp edges, it allows the berries to roll about in the roasting chamber more easily and roast slightly more evenly resulting in a very consistent flavour to the coffee.  Peaberry beans have to be hand-sorted after picking to separate the rounder, fatter beans from their double counter-parts, and some people say that because there is only one bean it picks up more flavour, body and sweetness when roasted.  It is very well balanced. It has distinct wine tone and juicy notes of blackcurrant.

Roast: Medium
Body: Medium
Taste: Rich, notes of tropical fruit, black cherry & citrus
Fragrance: Strong, fruity
Aroma: Complex, fruity & floral
Sweetness: Honey-like
Acidity: Moderate, tangy & citrus-like
Aftertaste: Crisp

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